Calendar for 2011

Term One:
KAMAR - working with KAMAR to make data manageable and accessible by teaching staff; graphing data using KAMAR; KAMAR and literacy data possibilites (Tuesday April 5th, 9-3 at the Devon Hotel, New Plymouth)

Term Two:
Analysing the Data - working with Ken on a means analysis and group learning pathways analysis of e-asTTle data (Monday 9th May 4-6pm at WHS)

Analysing the Data Embed Meeting - working as an NLC group to embed the knowledge we learnt with Ken around analysing data (Wednesday 25th May, 4-6pm at WHS)

Engaging staff with the data - working with Ken on how to engage staff with the data to affect teaching and learning programmes (Thursday 2nd June 1.30-5pm and Friday 3rd June 9-3 at WHS)

ERO - asking ERO what it is exactly that they want to see the data do, and what best practices have they seen around the country (Monday 27th June, 10-3 at WHS)

Term Three:
What next? - working with Ken to figure out what comes next after you've figured out what your data says + a monitoring meeting; see what did here:

Term Four:

Analysing the data - conduct a post means and quartile analysis of e-asTTle data and sharing best practice