Functional Literacy

Some suggestions from Marni...

´╗┐Implementation ideas:

  • place in STAR and Gateway courses - ideal as Gateway co-ordinators already have experience with these types of standards BUT what about schools who don't offer Gateway at Level One?
  • run through English Department - ideal as English departments already have the expertise BUT misses the whole new focus on cross-curricular literacy under the standards alignment; maybe start off in the English department and then move to other departments as time goes on.
  • Run cross-curricular with Literacy Leader and Literacy team taking responsibility; over-arching meeting with all staff asking the question 'what can you add?' in terms of assessment opportunities, put this information on a grid with the kids names to check off work that meets the criteria. This will need to have a centralised point of collection.
  • See NZQA Functional Literacy for some more ideas around implementation models.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Who is identifying candidates?
  • Who is collecting the material? Should candidates do this themselves? Should it be in portfolio format?
  • Who is marking the material?
  • Who is moderating the material?
  • Promote as literacy outside of the classroom - eg workplace health and safety manuals; there may be some issues around authentication around this however.
  • Questions around the multiple opportunities involved in these assessments.

Key stakeholders to get involved:

  • Literacy leader and team
  • Year 11 Dean
  • All students involved
  • Form teachers
  • Community
  • Gateway/STAR teachers

Who should do Functional Literacy?

Some advice from Ken...
  • any student who get 3P or below on an e-asTTle test at the end of Year 10
  • NO STUDENT WHO IS ACADEMICALLY ABLE SHOULD COMPLETE THESE STANDARDS - this goes against the intent of these standards.